FAQ on Hempworx CBD

 1 - Is hemp-derived CBD marijuana?
NO! The hemp plant and marijuana are two different plants entirely. Yes, they’re of the same cannabis species, but the hemp plant is very high in CBD and low in THC, and vice versa for the marijuana plant. HempWorx is also unique in its own class bc it’s the purest, full spectrum, (meaning the whole plant is used) so you’re also getting over 120 terpenes and cannabinoids, 400 minerals/nutrients, omegas, proteins and balancing building blocks. You will not get HIGH, you will get HEALTHY!!

 2 - What about THC?
The CBD Oil we use at home for our family is testing between .08 - 0.03% THC, even trace amounts will enhance the benefits causing a synergy effect. The oil is considered a food grade supplement. Non synthetic, THC free CBD hemp oil, which just isolates the CBD component, is available now as well.

 3 - Is it legal?
YES! The brand we use complies with the 2014 farm bill act and complies with less than .3% THC, therefore the use of CBD oil for personal consumption is 100% LEGAL. Some states have laws governing stores stocking, shelving and selling CBD, but it’s perfectly legal to order online and consume CBD oil - again, it's considered a superfood nutrition.

 4 - How big is the bottle?
All bottles are 1 oz (30mL) and contain around 1,000 drops. Each bottle will last 1-3 months depending on how you are using it.

 5 - What strength do I buy?
Most people (children included) do fine with the 500mg. For those with chronic pain or multiple health issues....I would suggest the 750mg. The 500 is 10mg per serving / 750 is 15mg per serving. The 750mg does tend to stretch longer.

 6 - How do I use it?
Best delivery method is under the tongue bc it gets into your bloodstream more quickly. You’ll want to start slowly with 3-5 drops 2x/day for the first week. After that you can increase to 7-10 drops 2x/day as needed. For most people the 7 drops is perfect but some need to take 10 twice a day or micro-servings throughout the day. It’s truly different for everyone and dependent on the relief you get at each of those servings. There is absolutely no way you can “overdose” with CBD oil, though too much or introducing too fast could cause some nausea or detox. Be in tune with your body and be patient as it aims to achieve homeostasis.

 7- Is this safe for kids?
YES!!! Kids of all ages, and animals, are using Hempworx CBD oil as well, and they’re seeing positive (SAFE) benefits and preventative health! Depending on your pet/child’s age and weight, serving suggestions may vary. (If concerned, consult your physician or be an advocate for your own health.)

 8 - Can I apply topically?
Yes - many people do both oral and topical applications for conditions like Psoriasis, Eczema, Cystic Acne, Migraines, etc. Hempworx also has an incredible CBD Relief Salve and effective face lotions.

 9 - How long does it take to receive?
From farm to table, orders are arriving to your doorstep within 5-7 days! USA grown!!

 10 - I found CBD oil cheaper somewhere else....what's the difference?
Our oil has the purest form of full spectrum CBD oil with only 2-3 organic/non-gmo ingredients - 80% phytocannabinoid CBD extract, 20% Hemp seed oil (carrier oil) and a natural peppermint extract (optional). Check the labels, as not all CBD oil is created equal! And hemp seed oil, on its own, does not contain cannabinoids. You may also see tons of added ingredients, in many CBD brands out there, which actually dilute the CBD.. meaning you’ll have to use more. We also provide a Certificate of Analysis on every batch of oil, so what you see is what you get.

 11 - Where can I order?
Visit this page: http://www.hempworx.com/hoffmanherbs  

In the meantime, if you are not already a follower, join our FB group to watch the education on CBD. https://www.facebook.com/groups/healinghemp/

 12 - Other Questions? 

Feel free to message me. This is what I ♥!!

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