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Message from Rebecca: I'm on the mends still in this crazy 2019 and climbing that mountain to GREAT health!! We have lots in store to catch up on, but for now, just a brief...

...thank YOU for following our personal site with the mission to stay healthy!

...thank YOU for the subscribing...hopefully we've set up the notifications right that you'll know this blog post was created!

...thank YOU for all the continued questions and prayers for a better, healthier 2019!!


Self-care is the goal for 2019

PATIENCE is the word of the year for me and my oh my, what a journey that is! Especially for the high energy that I'm mostly blessed with daily.

Personal Training is the mission and found in May of 2019. At minimum 2x a week, I attend a local gym, program designed by a physical therapist, then rotates with several personal trainers. Though I've missed 2 weeks (1 for travel, 1 for health downtime). Then I fills the other days of the week with purposeful activities. Currently doing a 1-mile challenge.

Stay tuned for lots of upcoming changes to our site. We are gearing up to showcasing more products we are using in our daily lives. Hoping to lead others to the hope we've found in order to sustain a better homeostasis.

We are so very Thankful for the willingness to remain a student, patience with our ever-aging selves and the LOVE that lots are applying to the food industry we get to witness taking all the 'extras' out of our diets!

Enjoy your August and we'll be back ASAP!


Rebecca Louise


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