• Nick & Rebecca Hoffman

New Year...New You was a rough end of 2018 for Rebecca. She came down with e.coli from simply ordering a Ceaser Salad at a restaurant. They were not aware at the time of the tainted product, so it hit her 2 weeks prior to the recall announced on a National Level. During the next 2 months....we took our time allowing her body to go through the course and heal. Through our natural doctor and doing our best to keep her out of the hospital as that would have been much more challenging to have her body exposed to more germs.

So between, staying the course of her Crohn's vitamins....adding the correct supplements each week to rid of the toxins while we scheduled with the doctor weekly. Ramped up CBD, massage therapy & chiro visits....slowly but surely she returned to a normal body. Not before she got to experience some very challenging brain activity as the toxin landed there. That was tricky and confusing for her on all levels. Took a toll on her energy, ability to sit or stand for long periods of time, etc. We then thought this was the perfect time to invest for our family in a ion-cleanse foot soak machine. That away, we can conduct one anytime it was convenient in our home. So that led to the cleanse she needed to get back to a full restorative health.

It's been yet another journey, but by faith, determination, close attention to digestion and staying on top of herbs the body needs.....Rebecca has once again prevailed.

Onward & upward!

Highly recommend giving CBD a try as a daily supplement. Without it, her immune system wouldn't have found a chance!! And she's still NO MIGRAINES!!

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