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Selfish Health; and it's OK!

The past 2 years have been a complete roller coaster! I may touch base on this throughout the blog entries, but for now, I'm thrilled to have a place...sounding board....and dedicate time this year to blogging more on my health journey! Yes, this title is fitting as we ALL need to re-evaluate our self care plan!! After all, if we don't feel good, how are we to help others? We must put our air mask on first before helping others....they say it EVERY time on airplanes!

This year (2018) I promised myself this would by my SELF-CARE YEAR! Already in the 1st Quarter, seeing a TON of results!

What did I do, you may ask?

1. Got more disciplined on REST! Including taking quiet ME time with God!

2. Made sure I'm drinking my daily required water!

3. Made sure I'm taking my vitamins....

...yep. I fell off that wagon over the past 2 years and not real happy about it!

4. Scheduled personal time....there's so much more the life than work!

Though I'm a dedicated Wife/Mother and have my daily routines that never waviers, there is other times when I should have took a minute for myself that I failed to. Now...I do want to state my work is really not 'work'. I tell everyone...I'm retired, just bidding time! Not to confuse mission is not a hobby either. It's enlightening to share art with those that appreciate it while sighting the Lord for all that He's gifted me with. The Good....The Bad....The Ugly!

All this above


Yes, I've had a few hiccups in my health and experienced some devastating lung infections. (December & May) Crohn's is quiet for the most part, but I steer clear of certain food/drinks to avoid a set-back. But what I love most about being on a personal mission to live as comfortable as I possibly can....discovering new products to strengthen my immune system!


Be sure to check out our revamped SHOP section of the site for a few more products we've added to our daily journey! Including the latest to help with PAIN! Hempworx!! SUPER thrilled to add this to our regimen and blog later on the results after 3 months!


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