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WOW!! Is all I can say...

...4 months later on CBD and so much healing has happened. Not only are we sleeping well, the pain free living has been remarkable and one we never thought possible. Now I'm not going to tell a lie and say we don't EVER have pain. Aches are natural from time-to-time. But the devastating, body leveling, inability to think kind of pain.....has not returned thus far!! Nick's back has not swelled since he began and that is the longest he's gone with no inflammation since the accident 10 years ago. It's also helped a TON in his Restless Legs at night. I (Rebecca) has been blessed beyond measure with the ability to stay focused and use my energy elsewhere for my family and business more than I have in years.

Now down to the bottom line when it comes to shopping. Know your product you're investing in. LOTS of brands developing or circulating in the 'vape' shops. Personally, I'm not one that wants to visit a store that is only maintained by an hourly clerk. They may not even be well versed in all the healing elements much less the brands they are carrying. It took me weeks of research to confirm the brand I wanted to trust and I'm sooo very thankful for the one that the Lord led to me! So as you are considering a CBD brand, think of quality, consistency and ingredients! As a Crohn's survivor, ingredients are KEY and if I'm aiming for my body to experience the full potential of a product, I prefer it to be pure. Example, when I'm using lavender oil, I'm only needing the properties of Lavender. Nothing else added. So naturally, the same is the process I was considering for CBD! I LOVE staying a student and this journey has opened a new chapter for us in our family of learning daily information and helping others find relief as well! We do not sell CBD, we only educate and help guide others to place online orders for themselves.

Some of the articles we've shared with ones in the community are full of education and research! Feel free to visit any below. These are also shared out on our Facebook group more frequently than I'm making time to blog, but I'm adjusting my schedule more and more to pop info out here in the event you are not a fan of Facebook (can't blame you)!

Folks reach out to us daily now to thoughts on the symptoms they are dealing with. We then research for testimonies or articles to support why CBD is so valuable to human health. When they are ready to place an order, we can help! And this brand we are now affliated a 30-day money back guarantee! Other brands do not offer this and certainly no money back from prescriptions when they don't agree.

Now some tips:

◘ Recommended to start off small.

Only 3-5 drops to get it in your body, then in the next few days, start ramping it up to 5-10. Some people experience a detox as it starts the cleansing process. Do not be alarmed if you have or are currently experiencing that. Should not last long and it's got to peel back some layers before it can get to the bottom of an issue.

◘ What stength is wise to choose: 500mg or 750mg What is your pain level? 1-5? = 500mg 6-10? = 750mg

◘ When to take and how?

Early AM even before breakfast then drink water and eat & before bed. CBD does something different for your body in the daytime then it does at night.

By mouth. Under the tongue and hold for even up to 1 minute if you can. This allows the full benefits to absorb into your membranes and start the program in your body.

◘ Not noticing much right away? Everyone's body is different.

Certain ailments hindering your life? This is how CBD can help! Click on any below that apply to you or someone you know. Need further help? Contact us anytime!

Helping in Dementia and Alzheimer’s =

5 Ways Cannabinoids Can Help the Elderly Community =

Washington State University Studies CBD and Mental Health (DEPRESSION) =

Can CBD Help with Thyroid Disorders? =

Just a few today to get us started from the ones I've shared on my FB group.

Need to place an order? Visit our SHOP section and click Hempworx.

Have a BLESSED day!


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