About ZenEvo™ Dark Chocolate

The founders of ZenEvo™ Dark Chocolate are proud to present their creation, the perfect blend of art and science born into an entrepreneurial vision. This artisan chocolate with beneficial nutrients has been in the making for four years, perfected for flavor and performance to enhance your wellbeing.


After years of research and craftsmanship, the ZenEvo™ Dark Chocolate team brings this exceptional product to the marketplace. It is the classic American dream for people who came to the mountains of East Tennessee from diverse international backgrounds and have worked together to make a product they believe in.


The healthful benefits are based upon the expertise of one of the founders from Switzerland. He has decades of experience in the health and nutrition business, having helped more than 30,000 athletes achieve their fitness goals. The hand-crafted chocolate comes from a European-style chocolatier from Central America who uses only the finest French Chocolate. With their combined talents and years of work and experience, they strive to deliver the ultimate experience in an enhanced chocolate, a product that is as unique and original as its founders.


Enjoy ZenEvo™ Dark Chocolate, your wise indulgence.


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